Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sprinkles Red Velvet Cupcakes

Okay, so today I don't really have a recipe... I just wanted to show  you the red velvet cupcakes I made out of a box/cylinder of Sprinkles cupcakes. They look so awesome, I can't even handle it. I topped them with buttercream frosting, you know the recipe I've been using all the time now... So... Enjoy!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry!

I've been awful about blogging, I know. So much for my New Years' resolution to blog more. I'll get better, I promise. Today is the start of me getting better. I'm at home alone in a dark room trying to get rid of my three day long migraine, so I thought "What better way to get rid of a migraine than to stare at a computer screen?!" I know I'm not always the brightest but I figured I should share some pictures of things I've baked since my last post.

These adorable little treats are mini vanilla cupcakes, champagne buttercream frosting, chocolate ganache, champagne soaked strawberries, and they're topped with a sparkler which was eventually lit... Outside on the balcony. I made these with my mom's amazing best friend Michelle on our stay in Florida. Michelle was kind enough to let us stay in her apartment, eat delectable Vanilla Kremes from Dunkin' Donuts wherever we pleased, and party on New Years' eve! She also took this picture, so I can't take credit.
We found this recipe in a book at Barnes & Noble. I took pictures of the recipes, but I accidentally deleted them. So for now, you'll just have to stare at this picture... Or attempt to figure out how to make them.

I have also made Funfetti cookies. I forgot to take a picture... The recipe is simply on the side of a white cake mix box... I added white chocolate chips to make them a little more special. Cookie dough cupcakes were also made... You know where to find the recipe for those!

There were also these... I had supposedly been on a baking ban (since I'm a messy baker and often forget to clean up my messes- sorry Mom!), but I forgot. I went out, bought some cake mix with Noah, dyed the batter, baked these then made buttercream frosting used here, but I halfed the recipe. My wonderful brother, Cooper got me a cake decorating set for my birthday and this day was a trial run with icing decorating. Noah was my helper that day, and he did this... I must admit- that boy is pretty cute...

Well, this is all I have for today! I'll be baking soon, I'm sure and I promise I'll blog more this time. My friend Ellie got me a cookie book for my birthday- a new trend could be starting soon. Time for me to go take a nap and rest up!