Monday, March 5, 2012

Angry Bird Cucpakes

Today is my favorite brother (to be fair, I only have one brother), Cooper's 8th birthday! I remember on this day, what seems so many years ago... My mom came into my room to tell us her water broke, to which I reacted by jumping up so high I hit my head on my bunk bed, while my sleepy sister Morgan simply mumbled "What happened to your sink?" It was a very exciting day and I've loved every minute of having a little brother... Including the moments where I've wanted to tear my hair out when he's being annoying!

Anyways...Since my mom and her boyfriend are jetting off to Mexico (lucky ducks!) on Friday, we celebrated Cooper's birthday on Saturday. Since I'm the baking addict, it was up to me to come up with his cake.

Tada! Cooper is obsessed with the game Angry Birds, that can be found for iPhones, iPads, and you know all those other Mac products. With a little bit of help from Google, I was able to come up with these!

I can tell you right now that I have no future as a cake decorator, but these were sure fun to make.

The best part was that these were pretty easy to make! I started out by simply baking a box of vanilla cupcakes, because Cooper is weird and doesn't like chocolate cake... Well, he is only half-related to me. Something had to be off with him. Once I baked the cupcakes, I grabbed a tub of frosting and split it up into four separate bowls to dye the frosting.

Once I frosted the cupcakes, it was time for sprinkles! My mom had a tough time finding tubs of just one solid color sprinkles, but was luckily able to go up to the bakery at the grocery store and they sold them to us. The sprinkles act as feathers for the birds, and the best way to get the cupcakes "feathered" up was to simply dunk them in the sprinkles.

Next I cut marshallows in half and flattened them, so they could be placed on the red and blue cupcakes to act as the bellies for the birds.
To put together a bird: Place half a flattened marshallow on the bottom of the bird. Cut orange gummies into thirds for the beaks, and place one beak above the belly. Slice mini marshallows in half, and press into frosting for eyes. With a toothpick and frosting, attach mini chocolate chip to eyes. For the angry eyebrows, either slice up black licorice pieces, or go for black licorice rope. I added some other sprinkles and jelly beans above the eyebrow to complete the Angry Bird look.

I also made the pigs! I started by covering  half a marshallow in frosting, and sticking it on the cupcake for the snout, then placing mini chocolate chips for the nostrils. The eyes are the same as the bird's, with half a mini marshmallow and mini chocolate chips. The teeth were created by slicing a mini marshmallow into fourths. Finally the ears are just Sweet Tart jelly beans and I threw some green sprinkles on at the end to complete the piggies!
All in all, I think these were pretty awesome- even with my amateur decorating skills. Oh, but I wasn't alone with this decorating. I must give some of the credit to Noah, who probably didn't expect that I'd post this next picture of him!

Well anyways, Happy Monday and happy birthday to Cooper! I'm going back to bed. Enjoy!

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