Monday, July 22, 2013

Elmo Cupcakes

About two months ago, I was asked if I could make cupcakes for a two year old's birthday party. Hazel is Noah's niece and she's pretty much the most brilliant child on the planet. She's goofy, smart, adorable, and her personality can just about make anyone happy. She calls me "Tourtney" and I basically melt when she's around. Ashley requested Elmo cupcakes, so I started brainstorming!
Luckily I'd previously made Cookie Monster cupcakes so I had some ideas. I used the Wilton grass tip to make fur, and Wilton Candy Melts and black gel to make the eyes. The mouths are half an Oreo and the noses are just orange Dots.
Ashley also requested a sheet cake. I've never attempted. I had originally planned on making one from scratch, but I got too scared... I got a plain one from Target with just white frosting and decorated it from there. I think it turned out just fine. Maybe next time I'll make my own.
I was so fortunate to be able to attend the party. Ashley and Trevor have always welcomed me into their home and I was so happy I was able to do this for them. They're great parents to Hazel and their newest addition Hope. They really enjoyed the cupcakes, and I was more than thrilled to do it for them. I'd do it again if I could.

One final picture- this is the birthday girl! Hazel was so excited about her Elmo cupcakes and I was just ecstatic that a two year old could actually recognize the cupcakes as Elmo. It was a wonderful day with wonderful weather and I will never forget it.

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