Monday, July 18, 2011

Since I forgot to post pictures of these...

I somehow managed to forget about my blog for a few weeks. And I don't currently have the recipes for the two things that I made in one day... All I can say was that they were delicious and I hope that you will find a recipe for them. Yeah, in one day I decided to make Key Lime Pie along with Sugar Cookies (which ended up looking like peanut butter cookies...)

^Trust me, those were really yummy. Especially dipped in Nutella. I must tell you, I now have a problem with that Hazlenut chocolately goodness. If I could worship it, I think I would.

^My key lime pie without topping. I know, it doesn't exactly look very pretty, but it was delicious!

At the end, I kinda gave up on taking pretty pictures... I'm sorry, I couldn't wait to try the pie! I'll definitely be making it again.

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