Saturday, August 10, 2013

Cupcake Chaos

I don't exactly have a recipe to share, but I just wanted to post some pictures from my baking adventure today with my little sisters. Emily is 7 and Alaina is 3- they freakin' rock my world. Being a big sister is the best thing in the entire world and I don't know what I'd do without them.

These girls have always wanted to bake with me, and since the weather is mild and I currently have no life today was the perfect day to make it happen! I decided I'd let them have fun and make these cupcakes as crazy as they wanted. I bought a ton of food coloring, a box of cake mix, sprinkles, and stuff to make frosting. The girls were ready to make their very own tie dye cupcakes. If you don't know how to make tie dye cupcakes, they're pretty simple; all you need to do is separate white cake batter into various bowls, squirt and mix some food coloring in them, then layer the batter and bake!

First you might want to test the cake batter out, you know... Just to make sure it's edible. Alaina did a pretty awesome job of this. 

I don't know if you can tell, but Em was really excited to dye our cake batter!

I'll gladly take that "coolest sister on the entire planet" award any day now... Alaina says I deserve it.

Emily was my happy and focused helper. 

I was super impressed with their work. Look at all those colors!!

Those girls are just lucky that they're cute and didn't have to deal with the aftermath of our baking. I think my hands are going to have dye on them for the next three years.

Our assortment of sprinkles and our buttercream frosting! (always made with 1 cup butter, 4 cups powdered sugar and a tablespoon of vanilla!)

Our cupcakes were so pretty! Definitely ready to be frosted!!!

They were super focused on their sprinkles.

 Alaina's prized cupcake.
Emily's prized cupcake.

 Alaina's way of helping me clean up included licking the beater and eating all the sprinkles she could off of the counter. I think she has the right idea.

They might be nothing but chaos, but they look kinda cool on the inside. That's all I have for today!

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